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Everyone can use a little lift...

A retired executive turned photographer combines his images of birds with encouraging words in a guided journal to help you contemplate positive changes in your world.  


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Someone once said to me "journaling is for the birds".
And I're absolutely right!

Uplift - A Journal of Birds and Words to Lift You Up

All too often we race through lilfe and inadvertently ignore the everyday beauty that surrounds us. Beauty that can often teach us lessons and lift our spirits if we just take the time to absorb and reflect upon it.

I recently rekindled my love of photography and found joy in photographing birds near my home. Over time, as I shared my images with family, friends and people I've mentored, I would often include a message of encouragement, motivation or positivity designed to help them reflect on an issue that was troubling them. 

I didn't realize it then, but through feedback I found that my birds and my words sparked others to journal their thoughts to help them make positive changes in their worlds. So, I guess in my case, journaling is for the birds! For the birds whose remarkable beauty can help us find uplifting and positive meaning in our own lives. 

Uplift - A Journal of Birds and Words to Lift You Up

Check out some of our reviews...

Sharon P.

Sometimes you need something to kickstart your own reflection and this journal of beautiful birds and thoughtful words did just that! Thanks for the uplifting positivity! 

Katie C.

Aside from sharing beautiful images, this little journal reminds us all that when we reflect upon the beauty that surrounds us, there's so much we can learn about ourselves! 


Kim V.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this little journal but it was filled with positive perspective and "prompts" for me to contemplate thoughtfully about my world! 


Lucy T.

I love the birds and how the words so aptly fit the images. It's a wonderful gift for someone who can use a lift...and who couldn't use a lift in today's world!

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