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Find Inspiration in the Ordinary...

How to Find Inspiration in the Ordinary?

Many people have a story about how they found inspiration in the most ordinary of places. They find it in the mundane, and it’s often a story that’s worth telling. That's what birding, photography and journaling have helped me do...find inspiration in the ordinary.

Are you paying enough attention to the ordinary? Are you positioning yourself to find inspiration in the everyday things that surround you? Here are five tips on how to find inspiration in the ordinary:

  • Write down your thoughts or feelings as they happen. They may be some of your best ideas.

  • Keep a journal or diary and write in it daily. It will help you remember things you might not otherwise think about, and is also a great way to track your progress over time.

  • Take photos of everything you see, especially if it sparks something inside of you.

  • Start with what you know and work from there--go back to what inspires you or makes you happy first, then let that guide your next steps forward

  • Give yourself permission to take time for yourself--to just sit with what's going on inside of you for awhile

Not everyone can easily find inspiration in the ordinary. It takes time, patience and practices. But, if you spend the effort looking at both yourself and the many blessings that surround you, you may just find your inspiration.

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