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Leadership is for the Birds!

And other thoughts to help you journal your way to being a better leader.

I'm excited to share my new book! 

"Leadership is for the Birds"


This journal is a sequel to my prior book "Uplift".

In it, I present thoughtful words on leadership along with more of my favorite bird images from Southwest Florida.

The words and birds highlighted in my new journal are crafted to help new or young leaders journal their way to becoming better leaders. Take a peek below at some of the pages within the book and what inspired me to write this one. Get a copy today for the young leader in your life!

Nanday Parakeets

Shortly after retirement I was asked to mentor a new leader. In getting to know one another we talked about hobbies and of course, I mentioned my post-retirement passion of photographing birds. As we spoke of his business challenges, I suggested he consider daily journaling. I noted that by journaling two to three key accomplishments on a daily basis, he would be able to review, summarize, and confidently articulate his accomplishments within a month. And, be able to evaluate whether his accomplishments were in line with his goals.


After about two weeks we had a brief “check-in”. When I asked about the journaling he said “Bill, with all due respect, journaling is for the birds”. On reflection, his comment helped me realize that the suggestion of journaling, particularly on a blank page with no guidance, can be challenging to new leaders. His comment ultimately inspired me to assemble this “guided” journal. One that offers new leaders some thoughtful words to help assess ones own behaviors and areas of opportunity. And, since journaling is “for the birds” so to speak, I thought it a perfect opportunity to combine it with my wildlife images in my newest journal

"Leadership is for the Birds."

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